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Wouldn't you love to have a primary care provider who comes to your home?

A healthcare plan that works for you:

For patients who would like to receive all of their medical care at home, a package offers the best value.  Packages of visits can be purchased at a discount of $50 per visit: a 3-pack costs $750, a 5-pack costs $1250, and a 10-pack costs $2500.  Visits that are purchased as part of a package may be used any time, for checkups and/or urgent care visits, within 1 year of the purchase date.  Packages of visits may be shared between family members, and the number of visits may be customized.  Payment plans are available if needed.   


Each plan will give you 24-hour phone access to the doctor in addition to your medical visits at home.    

To be reimbursed by your insurance, you may request a superbill after each visit that takes place.  A superbill is a special receipt with codes for the insurance company.  You will receive a .pdf document with the superbill, and you may send that to your insurance company.  

For patients who wish to receive vaccines at home, Doctor At Your Door is now offering this service.  Vaccines may be purchased individually, and are generally reimbursed well by insurance companies.

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