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Aluminum in Vaccines

Posted on May 24, 2015 at 10:55 AM

I've heard a lot of non-vaccinating parents talk abou the aluminum in vaccines (now that it's well-known that there is no more mercury in vaccines).  I understand the fear of metal in the body, but what most parents don't get is that children (and adults) are exposed to aluminum every day!  I wanted to see just how much aluminum is in various things, because I was told in residency that drinking a can of soda exposes you to the same amount of aluminum as childhood vaccines.  I can't find that data anywhere.  However, vaccines contain about the same amount of aluminum that infant formula has in one liter (a 2-day serving for a newborn, or daily serving for a 6-month-old).  In other words, feeding your child formula exposes them to the same amount of aluminum as giving them a vaccine every other day would.  Don't get me wrong; infant formula is a safe alternative to breast feeding.  It's a trivial amount of aluminum, and the amount in vaccines is even less.  Here is a link from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with the data:

Another interesting article from the CDC gives the average aluminum consumption for Americans:


Based on the FDA’s 1993 Total Diet Study dietary exposure model and the 1987–1988 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nationwide Food Consumption Survey, the authors estimated daily aluminum intakes of 0.10 mg Al/kg/day for 6–11-month-old infants; 0.30–0.35 mg Al/kg/day for 2–6-year-old children; 0.11 mg Al/kg/day for 10-yearold children; 0.15–0.18 mg Al/kg/day for 14–16-year-old males and females; and 0.10–0.12 mg Al/kg/day for adult (25–30- and 70+-year-old) males and females.


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