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Staying hydrated in the winter

Posted on November 15, 2017 at 5:20 AM

How much water do kids need?

- Depends on weight; typical preschoolers need 35-40oz of water (adults need 64oz per day)

- There is water in almost all of the food we eat, so this can make calculating water intake a little tricky

Why we get dehydrated in winter

- Heaters dry out the air

- Children sweat playing outside in snowsuits and coming into a warm house from the outdoors

- Sun reflects off snow - they get at least as much sun exposure as summer

What to drink?

- Water is best

- Juice, milk, hot chocolate, soda, lemonade, and gatorade contain a lot of sugar

- Caffeinated beverages (tea, soda, coffee, hot chocolate) are dehydrating

- Broth is good but also contains salt, which holds water in the body and makes them more thirsty

Tips to get kids to drink more water

- Have them carry a water bottle

- Offer a super-slurper sticker when they finish a water bottle

- Have children drink a glass of water when they wake up in the morning, with each meal, and before playing outside

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