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Pink eye and other eye problems

Posted on December 15, 2017 at 5:25 AM

Viral pink eye (viral conjunctivitis)

- The most common kind

- Usually both eyes are affected; the eyes are bloodshot (the whites look pink) and have clear discharge (excess tears) and some crusting on eyelashes; eyes are itchy

- Can happen along with an upper respiratory infection (cough, congestion, sneezing, etc)

- Can turn into bacterial infection because it’s itchy and kids tend to rub their eyes and introduce dirt/bacteria

- Is contagious

Bacterial pink eye

- Usually only one eye is affected; the eye is bloodshot and has thicker discharge (pus), the discharge during the day can be clear but they usually wake up from naps or in the morning with yellow crust / eye crusted closed; eye is itchy

- Usually happens alone (not with other infections), unless it’s after a viral infection

- Is contagious

Allergic pink eye

- Both eyes are affected; they are bloodshot and itchy

- Can have sniffling, runny nose, cough, asthma attacks, and/or hives with it

- Not contagious

Treatment for pink eye

- For viral/bacterial, eyedrops. They need to stay home from school until the eye looks better, and need to continue eyedrops for 2 days after the eye looks better.

- For allergic, antihistamines or no treatment. They can go to school.

Periorbital cellulitis

- Redness and swelling around the eye (upper and lower eyelids)

- Sometimes the eye is bloodshot and watery, sometimes there is pus in the corner of the eye

- They may rub the eye

- More pain than itchiness

- Often happens after a sinus infection or after a bug bite on the face

- They need to see a doctor for antibiotics

- Not contagious; they can be at school

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