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Primary Care

Your doctor will address any and all concerns you may have, from medical concerns to nutrition and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on holistic treatment, combining traditional healthcare with complementary and alternative medicine to treat you as a whole person.


There is no need to travel across town or sit in a crowded waiting room.  You can rest and relax during the whole visit.  Just give us a call and we will dispatch health care providers (a medical doctor with or without an assistant) to your home!

Urgent Care

Many medical conditions can be treated more effectively and comfortably at home than at an urgent care. House calls are ideal for those with multiple medical concerns, have had a bad experience at urgent care or the ER, or are anxious about going to the doctor.


Care for the important people in your life

Avoid being exposed to other patients' germs. This is especially important for unvaccinated children and the elderly, who are at higher risk of complications from disease.

“We are so happy to find Dr. Carole.. kind, calm and great with my kids. I am so happy to now have an on call Dr - getting appointments in an emergency can be very hard.. and waiting in an emergency room for hours can be stressful, so to have found Dr Carole is amazing.”

The Baby Manual

by Dr. Carole Keim

New babies are difficult. Don't you wish they came with a manual? Well, now there is one!

Written by a pediatrician, The Baby Manual will help guide you through everything you actually need to know to take care of a baby.

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