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Primary Care

Your doctor will address any and all concerns you may have, from medical concerns to nutrition and lifestyle. We pride ourselves on holistic treatment, combining traditional healthcare with complementary and alternative medicine to treat you as a whole person.


There is no need to travel across town or sit in a crowded waiting room.  You can rest and relax during the whole visit.  Just give us a call and we will dispatch health care providers (a medical doctor with or without an assistant) to your home!

Urgent Care

Many medical conditions can be treated more effectively and comfortably at home than at an urgent care. House calls are ideal for those with multiple medical concerns, have had a bad experience at urgent care or the ER, or are anxious about going to the doctor.

About the Practice

Doctor At Your Door LLC is a house call practice providing medical care for patients in and around Boulder, CO.  We do not have a physical office location.  Patient visits take place at the patient’s place of residence.  We are out of network with all insurance companies.  

Our Doctors

You can view all of our doctors, as well as other healthcare professionals who make house calls, on our scheduling page.

Our Philosophy

  • Connection: we believe in connecting providers with patients in the comfort of patients’ homes. Our primary mission statement is to keep patients comfortable while providing them with the best medical care possible.
  • Holistic health care: we believe in an integrated approach to health, which means we don’t only treat diseases but also help prevent them by optimizing lifestyle, attitude, and nutrition. We believe in using supportive care first, and only prescribing medications or running tests when necessary. We may refer you to complementary and alternative providers when appropriate. We may also suggest supplements to boost your health.
  • Vaccines: we will see all patients regardless of vaccination status. We can administer vaccines at home. There is an extra cost for vaccines.
  • Breastfeeding: we are very supportive of breastfeeding as long as the mother and child desire, and recognize the many benefits of breastfeeding.

Office Policies

Scheduling Appointments: To schedule an appointment, please call or text 720-418-1705. We often have same-day, after-hours, and weekend appointments available.

Telemedicine Services (medical visits over the phone) are available at a rate of $100 per visit. If you could like to schedule a telemedicine visit, please call or text us with your child’s age and primary concern. We can typically perform a telemedicine visit urgently within a few hours. Not all conditions can be treated by telemedicine.

Email Communication: Email is not secure and not a preferred method of communication. It is ok to email for non-urgent matters. For medical questions, please call and schedule a visit, either in person or via phone.

Financial Policy: Doctor At Your Door is out of network with all insurance companies. Payment is due in full at the time of service. A credit card number is required to hold your spot, but you will not be charged until either the visit is completed or if the visit is cancelled within 24 hours of the visit time. We accept cash, checks, credit/debit cards, HSA/FSA cards, PayPal, and Venmo. We can provide you with a Superbill (a medical receipt) to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement based on your out of network coverage. All insurance companies reimburse at different rates and reimbursement is not guaranteed. We are unable to see patients who have Medicare or Medicaid. We charge a $35 fee for all returned checks and a $100 fee for all appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Privacy Practices: Doctor At Your Door (DAYD) will keep an electronic record of each visit. DAYD will not share your child’s medical information with any other provider unless you provide consent.

Vaccine Policy: Doctor At Your Door recommends following the CDC schedule for routine vaccinations, but will examine and treat all children regardless of their vaccination status. Doctor At Your Door LLC will not be held liable for any adverse outcome related to vaccinating or not vaccinating. Vaccines can be given at home and will incur a charge in addition to the visit fee.

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Juice Plus

Dr. Keim and her family have been taking Juice Plus+ as part of their healthcare regimen, and she recommends it to all of her patients to stay healthy.  Juice Plus+ is a concentrated fruit and vegetable supplement that helps us bridge the gap between what we -should- eat and what we -can- eat.  To learn more about Juice Plus+ or to order supplements for your family, click on the button below.

Get Healthy
“We are so happy to find Dr. Carole.. kind, calm and great with my kids. I am so happy to now have an on call Dr - getting appointments in an emergency can be very hard.. and waiting in an emergency room for hours can be stressful, so to have found Dr Carole is amazing.”

The Baby Manual

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New babies are difficult. Don't you wish they came with a manual? Well, now there is one!

Dr. Keim has also published a book for new parents! The Baby Manual will help guide you through everything you actually need to know to take care of a baby.

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