Doctor At Your Door offers house calls and telemedicine visits with a medical doctor (MD) or a naturopathic doctor (ND).

Be sure to select the Type of Visit you require. To request a house call, you will need to also click on the drop-down menu called “Office” and select “House Call.” House Calls and Phone Visits will be scheduled with Dr. Carole Keim MD, who is a pediatrician. To request a visit with Dr. April Graham ND, you will click on “Office” and select “Naturopathic Visit.”

*** During the COVID epidemic, we are primarily offering telemedicine visits to keep exposure minimized. We will only able to offer house calls for urgent conditions and for patients who need vaccines. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID, we can help treat your symptoms with a telemedicine visit.***

Doctor At Your Door is out of network with insurance companies. The price of a new patient house call is $400. A telemedicine visit to establish care and for homeopathic remedies will cost $250, other telemedicine calls (for problem-focused visits) cost $100.

You will be able to pay for your visit via cash, check, HSA card, credit card, or electronically. You can request a superbill after your visit to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Your reimbursement will depend on your out of network coverage.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, you must call us at 720-418-1705. Visits that are cancelled within 24 hours will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.

By clicking this link, I acknowledge that I am aware that Doctor At Your Door is out of network with insurance and I will be responsible for paying the visit price.