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 Testimonials for
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"We love Dr. Carole. She brings all our kids vaccinations to the house and uses a patch so they don't feel the shots. It's been over a year and it still works on both our children. Shots don't have to make your little ones​ cry! Dr. Carole never rushes us. She is always on time, polite, caring and we look forward to seeing her. She responds quickly to any questions we have. We're so grateful to have her services for our two children."

- T.H., parent

"I cut my finger in a kitchen accident. Needed 7 stitches. On a Sunday evening Dr. Gedenberg showed up within 30 mins and had me stitched up within another 45 mins. Far less expensive and faster than a trip to the urgent care/ER. And a very nice follow-up 48 hours later. Thank you!"

                                                                                                - C.B., patient

"We have three kids under the age of five who all shared a terrible case of croup. Dr. Gedenberg came to our house promptly and our kids love her! She is a FANTASTIC doctor. Knowledgable, compassionate and has the ability to soothe the crankiest toddler! We recommend her 100%!!!!!!!! The peace of mind that her services offer is priceless. She saved us a nighttime trip to the ER, stayed with us until we felt comfortable and offered many suggestions for soothing our four year old, who had the croup the worst. And she made a follow up visit the next morning to check on the kids!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Gedenberg!!! We are so grateful to have you here in Boulder!!!"

- M.M., parent


"My family and I were traveling cross country when my child came down with a virus. After a couple of days with an off-and-on high fever and congestion we decided to find a pediatric urgent care in Boulder. In a search I found "Doctor At Your Door" and Dr. Gedenberg. Her practice is exclusively house calls!! It was exactly what we needed. The last place I want to take a sick child is where everyone else is sick, and we were able to keep from spreading it to others. Dr. Gedenberg came to our hotel room early the next morning and checked my child and determined it was a virus and sinus infection that would work itself out, which it did after a couple of weeks. It was a wonderful experience! She even called after a couple of days to check how my child was recovering, our own pediatrician practice has never done anything like that. Of course she is a full service pediatrician, she does well-visits/check-ups, vaccinations, etc. We highly recommend Dr. Gedenberg!"

- M.P., parent

“Dr. Gedenberg is so kind and caring, she immediately put my daughter at ease!  In fact, my daughter said, ‘Mommy, she is awesome, I'd give her all stars!’”

- P.A., parent


"Dr. Gedenberg is a wonderful pediatrician. She came to the house and treated my two grandchildren who were visiting from Seattle. The kids loved her and she was kind and gentle. She is extremely intelligent, listens carefully to one's concerns and has a warm, caring demeanor. I highly recommend Dr. Gedenberg and the whole concept of Doctor at Your Door is like my childhood when doctors actually made house calls. We didn't have to take the kids to some scary emergency room; they were comfortable and happy being treated at home."

-R.H., grandparent

"We are so happy to find Dr. Carole! She was kind, calm and great with my kids. I am so happy to now have an on call Dr - Getting appointments in an emergency can be very hard and are often non existent, and waiting in an emergency room for hours can be stressful, so to have found Dr Carole is amazing."

- R.R., parent

"Dr. Carole is wonderful!"

-M.H., colleague

"Dr. Gedenberg is one of the best pediatricians!!  She has a way about her that puts my son at ease and she listens to what I have to say!  I can tell that my son's health is most important to her, and that is a hard quality to find.  I highly recommend using her as your pediatrician!!!"

- N.H., parent

"I am very happy to see a doctor practicing home visits. I would rather call Dr. Carole than visit a dirty ER or after care clinic. Far less germs, especially with an already suppressed immune system.
Dr. Gedenberg's love for children & their health is reflective through her work as she is a nurturing, kind person. Dr. Carole inspires health by education, creativity, also by working closely with you to provide optimum continuity of care.
On top of it all her rates are equal or less than an ER or other clinic. I highly recommend Doctor at your door. Quality service & expertise!"

- P.P., parent

"Very good doctor and children love her."

- M.K., colleague

"Dr. Carole is a very thorough and thoughtful doctor!  Great bedside matter with the sick kids and makes everyone feel at ease.  I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Carole!"

- J.H., parent

"Dr. Carole is a very loving, competent doctor who you can call at any time & she's there for you. Our 13 year old daughter was having flu like symptoms and we were able to get the answers we needed to navigate forward feeling cared for and confident in the advice Dr. Carole gave us. She is a very caring & compassionate person and it comes through in her bedside manner. We love Dr. Carole!

- H.E., parent

"Dr. Carole was great! We had just moved here, didn't have a doctor but had a sick little one. She answered her phone right away and was at our house in 45 minutes. Such a gift to be able to stay in my warm house, not a cold waiting area, until the doctor came to see us. Dr. Carole has an easy and reassuring manner. Not to mention that she provides free return service if your child is still ill. The great news was that when Dr. Carole called a few days later (yes, she called to see how the patient was) we didn't need to be rechecked. Dr. Carole also provided us with a super bill for the insurance, yet another reason I am pleased to recommend Doctor At Your Door."

- W.H., parent

"What a wonderful service and a wonderful doctor. My daughter was very resistant about being examined and Dr. Gedenberg was very gentle and kind and really helped my daughter to feel more comfortable. She was very knowledgable and followed up to be sure my daughter was ok. It's a wonderful convenience to have a dr come to your home and certainly beats urgent care or the er. I am so thankful for her service."

- S.S., parent

"Dr. Carole is not only professional, she's also warm and friendly and will make your child's appointment as painless as possible (for you and your child). She's exactly what you need during difficult times of illness or injury."

- A.C., colleague

"Dr. Gedenberg was extremely helpful and flexible in our time of need. A great, professional service!"

- D.P., patient

Dr. Carole has a way with kids unlike many other pediatricians. She's kind, compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and seems to know the language of kids fluently. I would recommend her to anyone!

- A.F., patient