Doctor At Your Door, LLC

720-418-1705             We make house calls!

For patients who live within 30 minutes of Boulder, CO

Benefits of house calls:

Conditions treated:

Comfort.  Almost all medical conditions can be treated more effectively and comfortably at home than in an urgent care center.  House calls are ideal for those who have multiple medical concerns, who have had a bad experience at urgent care or the ER, or who are anxious about going to the doctor.  

Holistic treatment.  You will have plenty of time with the doctor to address any and all concerns you may have, from medical concerns to nutrition and lifestyle.  We pride ourselves on holistic treatment, meaning we combine traditional healthcare with complementary and alternative medicine to treat you as a whole person.  

Safety.  Avoid being exposed to other patients' germs.  This is especially important for unvaccinated children and the elderly, who are at higher risk of complications from disease.

Convenience.  You pick the time of your appointment, and there is no need to travel across town or sit in a crowded waiting room.  You can rest and relax during the whole visit.  Just give us a call and we will dispatch health care providers (a medical doctor with or without an assistant) to your home!

Value.  The single-visit fee costs less than an ER visit and covers the examination and any procedures that need to be done during the visit (including strep testing, stitches, wart removal, prescriptions called into the pharmacy, etc).  There are NO hidden fees and NO medical bills after the visit.  The price for a house call is $500.

To be reimbursed by your insurance, you may request a "superbill" to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.  If you are unsure how much you will be reimbursed, check your out-of-network coverage.

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- Abscess

- Acne

- Allergic Reaction
- Asthma

- Bronchitis

- Chicken Pox

- Colds

- Cough

- Diarrhea

- Ear Infection

- Eczema

- Fever

- Flu

- Impetigo

- Insect bites


- Newborn Circumcision

- Pink eye

- Pneumonia

- Rash

- Rotator Cuff Injury

- Sinus Infection

- Sprained Ankle/Wrist

- Stitches

- Strep Throat

- Suture Removal

- Swimmer’s Ear

- Upper Respiratory Infection

- Urinary Tract Infection

- Vaccination

- Vomiting

- Wart removal

...And more!

We do NOT treat: 

- Broken bones

- Chronic pain

- Depression / feeling suicidal

- Insomnia

- Heart attacks

- Panic attacks

- Stroke 

Please go to the nearest emergency room if you have one of these conditions and need treatment right away.

Please note that we do not dispense controlled substances, and we do not prescribe controlled substances on the first visit.